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About Me

var this=me;

A Coder, a father, a husband and a tinkerer. My name is Marco Sikkens, I live in a small city in the Groningen area with my wife and son.

I enjoy writing software that runs everywhere, most of the software I write runs in Azure. But i have worked on some apps that run on-premise. I have been writing code professionally for about 15 years but for me it started as a hobby.

I’m feeling at home in the .net ecosystem so I mainly use C#, Blazor, aspnet and i am very interested all the different software architectural patterns like Event Sourcing, Clean architecture and Ntier.

I also like to share my knowledge about software architecture and software development with my coworkers/colleges.


I enjoy 3D printing a lot, I design most of my prints myself and then print them on my Bambulab X1C 3d printer. I also try my hand at some woodworking because at some point its nice to be able to see and touch the stuff that you create.

I also enjoy being on the slopes and skiing or just having fun in the snow with my family.

If you want to contact me you can find me at linkedIn or at X (Twitter)