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I’m a developer, nerd, tech freak and a family man. I also share some of my knowledge through blogs and public speaking. I’ve been writing code for more then 10 year professionally and have a wide range of interests. I also like learning and trying new things. You can find me at LinkedIn and at Twitter

Pimp your desk
Ever since COVID19 I’ve been working from home a lot. Usually I would just work from home when I needed to do something during working hours, for example: Bring the car to the shop for servicing. But as it looks now we will be working from home at least till …
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C#9 Features (part 2)
In my last post I wrote about some cool features of C#9. You can find that post here. However while looking through the list I found some other cool ones. So here is another post with them.
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C# 9 feature init properties and records
When listening to a DotNetRocks episode I heard Mads Torgersen say that for C#9 immutability improvements are a large part of the new features. Today we take a look at two of those features “init” properties and “records”. Let’s get started.
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Making string dictionary key case insensitive
A colleague pointed me to a cool way to make dictionary searches case insensitive. So I thought it’d share it with you guys.
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A new homeserver (1)
I use my homeserver for storing my files and running the software for my WiFi access points and some various other stuff. Recently I’ve been on a power usage hunt through my house. Then I found out my server has a power consumption (with various stuff attached) of 66 watt. …
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Check if a tag exists in a Devops pipeline
At work we create our build/release through Azure Pipelines. We also label our sources, this means that after a successful build we create a tag in our git repository. This however fails sometimes, usually due to the fact that the tag already exists. The problem with that is that is …
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