About me

About me


My name is Marco Sikkens and I’m currently working as a .Net developer for QNH. As such I generally develop in  the C# language. But often I find myself working with other languages like Java, PHP,C++,(T)Sql, Javascript and others. Mostly I work on websites but I’ve also done a lot of Windows development.

Before I started working at QNH I worked at a company as a systems administrator. There I maintained the computer network of 250+ primary schools. Solving software problems, fixing computers and servers and making the customers happy.

As a person I have very broad interests, one day I’ll be programming embedded systems with Arduino or on Android based devices and the next I’ll be working on developing a Blog with Asp.Net MVC2. This Blog will reflect those broad interests with a lot of different topics and a lot of small code samples showing neat things and handy functions I’ve come across.

If you would like to know more about me you can click here.