Multiple google calendars on windows phone

I have an android phone and my girlfriend has a nice and very cool lumia 710. But we are both very busy and it’s very easy to plan two different things on the same date. Although it happens to the best of us it becomes annoying very quickly. So lets fix that problem

Google calendar to the rescue

We both use google agenda, but before my girlfriend got her Nokia she had to check it on the computer. Upon receiving the phone and adding her gmail account the phone would only show her own agenda but not the shared one we both use.

If you want to add multiple calendars to your phone follow these steps:

1. Create a google calendar and share it with both peoples gmail account.

2.Install user agent switcher from the windows store. Set it for iphone and start it up

3. Go in the user agent switcher browser to

4. Log in with your gmail account

5. If it displays a page that your device isn’t supported. Change the language of the page to ‘English US’.

6. Select the topmost sync request

7.Select all the agenda’s you want to sync.

8.Press save

9.Go back to the same page to see if your settings where saved. If they don’t please repeat the above two steps again until the keep saved.

10.Resync the google account on your windows phone.

Voila, then your done and you can sync extra calendars to your phone. You can add as many as you like.

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