Devdays 2011

Recently I’ve been to the Devdays which was held in The Hague in the Nederlands. The devdays is an event where all the new Microsoft technologies are showed and demoed. In this post I’ll make a list of some of the better talks that I saw.


MVC 3-101
In this video Scott Hanselman talks about creating a website using MVC3 and also some other advanced topics. You can watch this video if you have no idea what MVC is and also if you have worked with MVC before and need to get up-to-date with the new version.


Expression blend for the silverlight developer
And you thought expression blend is only for graphical designers and other non-developer people. Well you’re wrong, this talk below will give you a couple of examples where Expression blend actually works better then Visual Studio 2010.

Whats new in silverlight 5

This sessions contains all the new stuff that is available in the next version of silverlight.


NuGet In Depth: Empowering Open Source on the .NET Platform
Have you ever needed to update the version of a certain library like NHibernate? Normally you would need to go out to the website. Download the correct zipfile and deploy it to your application. This has become much easier with NuGet. It is a package manager that allows developers to update/install their libraries without much effort.

The talk above starts of which some very simple examples of NuGet but it also talks about creating your own NuGet Packages. Also companies can have their own NuGet server containing their own libraries and packages.

MSSQL Server

This talk contains some extensive information about query plans how MSSQL parses/executes a query. If ever wanted to know some stuff about query plans and tuning of them them you NEED to watch this video. The only downside being that it is completely in Dutch,

.Net Micro Framework

The .Net Micro framework (formerly known as SPOT) is used to control small embedded devices that are programmed using the C# instead of using Assembly or C. The video belows gives a small introduction about what the micro framework is and what devices are available that run the .net micro framework.

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